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Driving the Future of Electric Mobility


At COIL, we specialize in providing end-to-end EV charging installations for a diverse range of clients. Whether it's commercial and residential properties, auto dealerships, or fleet operators, we are committed to making EV charging convenient and accessible. Our experienced technicians and engineers offer a comprehensive approach, from site assessment and design to procurement and installation.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you upgrade your charging infrastructure.


COIL UP - Making new energy adoption a seamless end-to-end experience.

COIL UP is our premier service delivery solution that revolutionizes the renewable energy space. By providing a unified platform, COIL UP streamlines the adoption of new energy technologies for manufacturers, installers, service providers, and renewable consumers.


We recognize that installation is key to EV adoption, and our unified platform eases the transition from purchase to installation, enabling a seamless end-to-end experience.

Installr Network

Electrical Installation

We have a Nationwide Installer Network readily available to perform residential and commercial EV charging installation services. To learn more about becoming a COIL Certified Installer, contact us!

Digital Experience

As part of our end-to-end solutions, we offer an interactive digital experience for our customers to feel empowered and engaged to find the best EV solution for their needs. Adopting new energy products has never been easier.

Solution Design

COIL is the trusted partner for the major OEMs. We are able to design and support services for mass EV deployment. Our Solution design department handles plan sets, EV charger selection, and overall solution development for your property or project.

EVSE Experts

Our experts provide exceptional customer and sales support to improve and ease the transition from purchasing to installing the EV charging equipment. We will work with customers to find the best end-to-end solution design for your residential and commercial properties.

Program Management

COIL works with OEMs regionally and nationally to manage and ensure project execution is completed under COIL’s high quality standards and OEM certifications to deploy large scale EVSE installation and projects.


COIL handles networking to connect and optimize your EV charging equipment through house wifi, cellular availability, or routing and connectivity.

Networking is planned within our solution design with reliability, uptime, and lifetime cost as top priority. Deployment is concurrent with the electrical installation for your equipment and enable commissioning and pay-per-use.

Solution Design
EVSE Experts
Program Mng


An Electrical Service Software for any business, any size.


COIL iQ is the leading EV charging software platform and network management solution designed by electricians, for electricians.

COIL iQ streamlines the installation process, making it effortless to embrace renewable energy infrastructure and go electric. Our software connects all stakeholders, enabling widespread EV adoption with ease.


  • Pricebook: Simplify pricing management and product/service descriptions.

  • Estimate Builder: Create and send customized estimates directly to customers.

  • Workflow Management: Track installation requests and projects effortlessly.

  • Customer Database: Manage billing and invoicing with centralized customer data.

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See the potential savings instantly when you browse home EV chargers & EV charging equipment w/ costs after incentives. 


Simply plug in your zip code to see all the EV Charging Equipment incentive options available near you!

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