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Become a COIL Certified Installer for EV Charging Installations

Are you an electrician or part of an electrical company looking to expand your business? Tap into the growing market of electric vehicle (EV) charging installations by joining the COIL Certified Installer Network. 
By becoming a COIL Certified Installer, you have access to residential & commercial EV charger installation jobs from our nationwide partnerships.

Certified Partnerships

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Why Join COIL's Installer Network?

Access to Residential & Commercial Installations

As a Certified Partner, you gain exclusive access to residential and commercial EV charging installation projects through our innovative job share platform.


No need to spend time bidding on jobs - they are already won for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best: providing exceptional electrical services.

No Sales Efforts Required

Being a part of  COIL's Certified Partners network, you don't have to worry about sales and explaining the charging equipment to customers.


Our team of EV Charging Experts handles customer interactions, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and the client.

Nationwide OEM Partnerships

COIL's OEM partnerships with leading EV charging manufacturers such as Wallbox, Tesla, Enel X, Blink, ChargePoint, ClipperCreek, Xeal, and others provide you with access to a wide range of quality charging equipment.


Our nationwide partnerships mean that you have the opportunity to work with reputable brands and offer top-of-the-line charging solutions to your customers.

Guaranteed Work

By joining our Certified Partner Network, you can say goodbye to the uncertainty of finding jobs.


We provide a steady stream of projects, ensuring you have a consistent workload and the opportunity to grow your business.

Fast Payment

At COIL, we understand the importance of timely payment.


Our fast payment process includes invoice reconciliation within 45 days, ensuring that you receive payment promptly for the work completed.

Free Software Platform

As a Certified Partner, you gain free access to our in-house software, COIL iQ.


This leading solution for the renewables industry and electricians offers a range of features to optimize time management, streamline workflow processes, and increase both productivity and sales.

All Spark, No Shock

The COIL Certified Installer Badge: A Symbol of Excellence


At COIL, we take pride in our network of Certified Installers. Each partner goes through a thorough vetting process to ensure top-quality and professional services.


The COIL Certified Installer badge is a symbol of excellence, representing your commitment to delivering exceptional EV charging installations and services.


How It Works

1. Review Job

COIL will send you job details, and you can decide if you'd like to claim the project based on your expertise and availability.

2. Schedule Coordination

Review your schedule and compare it to the customer's schedule provided. Ensure that the timing aligns for a seamless installation process.

3. Quick Job Questions Resolution

Be the first to grab the job and ask as many questions as needed.


4. Pull Permits
Once the job is confirmed for you, you’ll pull the required permits for the work.


5. Installation & Representation

Complete the installation as a Certified Partner, representing COIL's commitment to top-quality service and professionalism.


6. Inspection & Documentation

After completing the installation, ensure that all inspections are passed, and send the necessary documents to COIL for review.

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What sets COIL Installers apart from the rest?

Our EV charging installers are certified pros you can count on. Hiring a COIL Certified Installer means you're getting the best EV installation service in the new energy business.

Licensed & Insured Professionals

Each Certified Partner in COIL's network holds the necessary licenses and insurance coverage, providing peace of mind for our partners and customers alike.


Our commitment to safety and compliance is reflected in the quality of our network.

Thorough Vetting Process

To ensure the highest level of professionalism and expertise, every Certified Partner in COIL's network undergoes a thorough vetting process.


We check their credentials, verify their standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), review their OSHA compliance, and consider online reviews and customer feedback.

Program Management Expertise

Our Certified Partners handle program management with precision, ensuring smooth project execution from start to finish.


They have the experience and knowledge to navigate complex installations, coordinate timelines, and provide comprehensive support throughout the process.

Quality Assurance

We hold our Certified Partners to the highest standards of quality assurance.


They are trained to follow industry best practices, ensuring that every installation is carried out with precision and attention to detail. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive for excellence in every project.

Bonding, Insurance, & Regulatory Compliance

COIL's Certified Partners adhere to all necessary bonding, insurance, and regulatory requirements.


This commitment to compliance ensures that installations are conducted safely, in compliance with relevant codes and regulations.


All of our COIL Certified Install Partners have access to the leading renewable services software platform.

This leading solution for the renewables industry and electricians offers a range of features to optimize time management, streamline workflow processes, and increase both productivity and sales.


— Join Our Installer Network

Don't miss out on the exciting opportunities offered by the booming EV charging industry.


Join the COIL Certified Installer Network and gain access to a steady stream of projects, top-quality equipment, and a supportive community of professionals. Expand your business, increase your revenue, and be part of the sustainable future of EV charging.

To learn more about joining our Installer Network or to inquire about our services, fill out the form below. 

Together, let's shape the future of EV charging.

Interested in Joining?

If you are interested in becoming a COIL Certified Installer, please fill out the form below!

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 COIL Expands its Network of Certified Partners for EV Charging Solutions

Your National Plug for EV Charging

COIL launched to provide a premium digital experience for customers adapting new technologies such as EV chargers, home battery backup systems, and electrically-powered IoT (Internet of Things) devices. COIL believes that purchasing and installing these devices should be a simple, efficient, and seamless customer experience.

As electric vehicle and electrically-powered technology adoption grows, so does the need for proper infrastructure to charge these devices.

COIL recognizes the demand currently outweighs the resources, and we're solving that problem through our nationwide network of COIL Certified Install Partners. COIL serves thousands of residents and businesses nationally through our full service solutions. We're able to do so successfully by partnering with manufacturers, channel partners, and other service providers to identify, install, and provide the best end-to-end installation services.

Not every electrician is COIL certified. The COIL Certified Install Partner (CCIP) badge is an emblem of exclusivity that ensures the highest quality in the electrical industry. COIL partners with the top technicians who are specially trained in EV charging infrastructure and exemplify our high service standards.

Our CCIP badge is only given to the contractor after being thoroughly screened so our customers can rest assured knowing the work will meet the highest quality for safety and service.


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