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Charge Up With COIL

COIL is the nationwide leader in turnkey EV charging solutions, providing the highest quality end-to-end services from product selection to installation and support. We believe EV charging installations should be a simple, efficient, seamless customer experience.


As a nationwide leader in EV charging infrastructure, we provide cutting-edge technology, comprehensive services, and a Nationwide Installer Network to meet the growing demands of EV owners, businesses, and communities.

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COIL UP is the premier service delivery solution for manufacturers, installers, service providers, and renewable energy customers.

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COIL's team of EV Charging Experts includes the best certified EV charger installers nationwide. We're the premier service provider for Wallbox, Tesla, Enel X & many more EV charger manufacturers. Our wide range of EV chargers helps us successfully install the best solutions for your property.

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We offer scalable and customizable solutions for businesses, parking facilities, and fleet operators. Enhance customer experiences, attract EV drivers, and future-proof your property with our intelligent and robust commercial charging stations.

Power up your home with our residential EV charging solutions. Enjoy the convenience of charging your EV overnight, reducing reliance on public charging infrastructure, and optimizing your charging experience.

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COIL helps communities, municipalities, and public entities establish reliable and efficient public charging infrastructure. Our solutions empower the adoption of EVs and contribute to a sustainable and connected future.

Join our network of Certified Installers

By joining our Nationwide Installer Network, you tap into a world of opportunities in the EV charging industry. As a COIL Certified Installer, you'll gain access to a steady stream of projects, comprehensive support, and the chance to be part of the sustainable revolution.

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See the potential savings instantly when you browse home EV chargers & EV charging equipment w/ costs after incentives. 


Simply plug in your zip code to see all the EV Charging Equipment incentive options available near you!

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