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It's All in the Details

COIL handles EV charging installations every step of the way. A crucial part of the estimation process is an installation site evaluation performed with a Site Walk. This helps us determine the scope of work necessary and provides you with the most accurate estimate.

Expedite Your Quoting Process

Site Walks may not be necessary when you provide COIL with the items listed below.

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Seamless Quoting as Easy as 1-2-3!


Property Information


By providing COIL with proper documentation, a site walk may not be necessary -- expediting your quoting process.

Below is a guide with visual examples of what you need to submit to COIL to bypass the need for a site walk.

Location & Contact

  • Property Name

  • Property Address

  • Property Owner

  • Property Management

  • Property Contact Name(s)

    • Ideal contact is someone who has access to the electrical room or electrical panel/meter and parking locations (ex: building engineer and/or facilities manager)

  • Property Contact Cell Phone(s)

  • Property Contact’s Availability (Within next 2 weeks)

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Information required from you:

  • Desired Number of EV Chargers

  • Desired Location(s) of EV Chargers (Mark-up of site map, Attachment)

  • Utility Company

  • Email Associated with Utility Company Account

  • Previous 12 Months of Electric Utility Bills (Attachment)

Examples of Site Map Mark-up and Electric Utility Bills below:

Scope of Work
Indoor Garage Style Existing Service_Proposed SOW.png

Property Site Map - Mark-up

Property site map with desired charger locations marked*.

  • This can be done on a copy of blueprints

  • Simple markup using Google Earth

*If not specified, COIL will propose installing chargers as close as possible to existing electrical infrastructure to keep costs low

utility bill example2.png

Electric Utility History

Provide COIL with the previous 12 months of Electric Utility Bills (example shown above).

If you don't have access to the Electric Utility Bill History:

  • Determine who receives these bills and has the utility log-in

  • Provide us with the email associated with the Utility Company Account
    • Depending on the Utility, COIL can request Utility Data if the client provides the email associated with the Utility bills and approves COIL’s access

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Single Line Diagram Example.png


Attachments needed from you:

  • Electrical Blueprints or As-Builts

  • Single-Line Diagram (if available)

  • Panel Schedule (if available)

*These documents help with scoping EV infrastructure and potential future infrastructure

Example of Panel Schedule below:

Property Docs

Can’t check everything off the list above?

Don't fret!

If you can’t access all the information required, COIL can move forward with a Site Walk. If that’s the case, we’ll move on to the following steps:

1. Scheduling

Within 2 weeks of introduction and receiving docs, COIL will reach out and schedule a professional for a Site Walk. Confirm that you provide the following information so we can proceed with this step:

  • Property Contact

  • Property Contact's Cell Phone

  • Property Contact's Availability within the Next Two Weeks

2. Site Walk

COIL will perform a site walk to determine the Scope of Work.

In some cases, we might also require a Pre-Construction Walk.

3. Custom Site Evaluation Proposal

Once the site walk is completed, COIL presents a unique, turnkey proposal based on SOW.

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Ready to Get Started?

Once you've gathered all the required information and documents, submit them in our EV Charging Installation Intake Form:

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Christina will be reaching out to you soon!

Christina Yu

Enterprise Account Executive

COIL, Inc.

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panel schedule 1.png

Panel Schedule

The Panel Schedule might be labeled as “Main House Panel” or “Panel Schedule”.

This can be found on the inside of the electrical panel either on the door or above/below the circuit breakers.

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