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Wallbox Installer

Holman Program
EV Charger Installation Process

COIL, a Wallbox company, is the nationwide leader in turnkey EV charging solutions, providing the highest quality end-to-end services.


COIL makes EV charging installations a simple, efficient, and seamless customer experience.


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Site Assessment in COIL iQ


2. Approve Job Scope


3. Schedule Installation


1. Site Assessment

To get started, first, complete a brief site assessment via COIL iQ.

Based on the information you provide, COIL will determine the job scope.

Holman and your fleet management team will determine your program qualification:



If approved for installation, COIL will send you the job scope.



If it's not a good fit, your fleet manager will let you know.

Site Assessment

2. Approve Job Scope

If your inquiry is approved for installation, you will be sent the job scope and COIL's terms and conditions.

After your vehicle is ordered, your EV charger will be shipped to your home.

This will prompt COIL to reach out to you to schedule an installation date.

Approve Job Scope

3. Schedule Installation

COIL and our Network of Certified Partners will handle everything, including:

Pulling necessary permits

Installing your charger

Setting up your charger

Coordinating inspections

Schedue Installation

Get Charging!

Once COIL completes the installation process laid out in step 3, that's it!

You're all set to start charging.

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Get your installation quote today:

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