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Case Study: COIL Delivers Turnkey EV Charging Solution for EvGateway

COIL's DCFC Case Study 2023

The Customer

EvGateway is a hardware-agnostic Electric Vehicle Charging network that provides turnkey, customizable solutions to the end customer regardless of their requirements and charging needs. EvGateway was referred to COIL by one of our channel partners, Zum, whom we have done similar solutions for in the past year.

The Challenge

The customer’s goal was to install three 60kW DCFC EV charging stations at a hotel in Sacramento for guest use.

COIL’s challenge was to ensure the customer was satisfied with our installation while upholding the standards of utility guidelines from SMUD.

The choice of EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) and plan set design needed to comply with SMUD while maintaining alignment with the charger management system, the charger hardware, the site host, local AHJ, and CalEVIP.

The opportunity to stay ahead of the competition by offering EV charging to their customers drove the decision to work with COIL.

Our solutions are truly end-to-end – making the process streamlined and stress-free for our customers. The untapped market in the Sacramento area provided a lot of potential for a return on investment, kickstarting our partnership on this project.

COIL's Solution

COIL completed multiple design revisions to be able to deliver an installation plan that SMUD would approve and could support the number of DCFCs desired by the customer. Our team of in-house engineers designed the plan set to satisfy all parties, coming to the conclusion that Tellus DCFC would be the best fit for this tailored solution.

The final solution includes new electrical service and distribution infrastructure to support DCFC deployment and we secured interconnection approval and service commitment from SMUD. Our collaboration with the utility on assisted wire pulls and supervised service work ensured the highest installation standard and guaranteed approval for inspection. Our solution also included coordinating a new meter set and service energization before commissioning the chargers.

The Result

Our installation of three 60kW DCFC Tellus chargers was a big milestone for COIL. We produced engineered designs and engaged the utility SMUD’s Advanced Energy Solutions teams on design revisions. This eventually secured interconnection approval and a new service commitment.

Using an existing utility transformer, our field team installed a 600A 208/120v switchgear, a 225 kVa transformer, and a 400A 480/277v panel as the infrastructure components. We utilized our expertise in EV design to value-engineer our installation with code compliance and ADA access in mind.

Throughout the construction phase, COIL stayed aligned with SMUD on all necessary utility-supervised site walks and excavation/conduit installation.

Once we were through the construction and Elk Grove building department inspection process, COIL coordinated with SMUD to complete the meter set in order to schedule the power shut-off and new service energization. Upon charger energization, COIL commissioned the chargers and showed the site host how to operate them.

The Future

COIL's turnkey EV charging solution for EV Gateway has greatly impacted the customer's future by providing them with a fast, reliable, and efficient charging solution for their electric vehicles.

With the successful installation of the 3 60kW DCFC EV charging stations, hotel owners and site hosts can now offer guests and patrons a seamless and convenient charging experience.

COIL’s solution has not only improved the overall customer experience but has also increased the value of the property. With more and more people switching to electric vehicles, it is crucial for businesses and commercial properties to invest in EV charging infrastructure to stay competitive and meet the needs of their customers.

COIL's expertise in the industry and end-to-end services make it easy and cost-effective for site hosts and property owners to install EV charging stations, ensuring they are prepared for the future of transportation.

COIL's Care Plan

Comprehensive Coverage and Reliable Support

COIL's CARE Plan is a comprehensive service and maintenance program designed to ensure hassle-free ownership of your EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) charging stations. Our CARE Plan covers all operational aspects, providing you with peace of mind and the confidence that your charging stations are in the best hands.

Learn more about our Service & Maintenance Plan.

Does this sound like a solution that would work for you?

COIL is a premier, full-service electrical installer specializing in new energy installations.

COIL partners directly with OEMs, channel partners, and other service providers to identify and install the right electrical solutions for their clients, which includes residential customers (consumers), commercial customers, property management companies and HOAs, hotels, government and civil agencies, and general contractors.

Let COIL power your EV dreams. Start your charging journey with us today!


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