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COIL Installs 16 Wallbox Chargers in a Historical SF Building

Electric vehicle adoption isn’t slowing down, and neither are the requests for EV charging infrastructure from tenants and homeowners to their HOA committees. COIL works with HOAs to help design and implement solutions for multi-unit communities, like this historical San Francisco building neighboring a famous crooked street.

The Client

2164 Hyde Street in San Francisco is a beautiful and historical structure of condominiums built in 1915. Located just a block away from the iconic Lombard Street, the building’s parking garage was in need of a solution to have EV charging stations installed on 3 separate levels.

Being an HOA managed building, their main objective with this project is to ensure all parking stalls have EV charging with the option to expand their EV infrastructure for future tenants and owners.

The Challenge

EV charging requests from tenants have continued to increase with no signs of slowing down. The 2164 Hyde HOA recognized their tenants' needs and was tasked with finding a solution.

Initially, the client was looking to install an EV power distribution system that can handle 6 to 9 chargers with the ability to expand their EV infrastructure in the future. As the project progressed, they decided to look into electrifying all 16 parking spots on a new house panel and have flat rate billing.

Part of the challenge was installing those 16 chargers located in three private garage areas split between different levels.

For a successful solution, the HOA was requesting:

  1. to have the max amount of power for charging.

  2. load sharing abilities.

  3. flat rate billing.

The Process

COIL worked with one of the tenants leading this project who submitted their request through our software, COIL iQ. Through our software platform, the client was able to directly send us details about the property and EV charging project. COIL gained an immediate understanding of what the customer’s needs and wants were, helping us provide a more tailored solution.

The client’s top priorities included having the equipment that offered max charging power, load sharing capabilities, and flat rate billing. After a site walk to assess the property, COIL performed a 30 Day Load Calculation.

We discovered that in order to allow load sharing capabilities, we would need to upgrade the current 100 Amp panel and install an additional 200 Amp panel.

COIL’s Solution

The 2164 Hyde HOA turned to COIL for a seamless, end-to-end EV charging solution. Working with COIL and the Wallbox Technical Team, we were able to provide the Wallbox Pulsar Plus as a solution to meet the tenants’ and HOA committee’s needs for this project.

Why Wallbox?

COIL recommended Wallbox because we offer them in many of our MUD proposals as a solution due to their adaptability. The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is a great fit for multiple types of installations, making them an easy choice across many different solution plans.

For 2164 Hyde, they had a high level requirement - specifically around load balancing. Wallbox was the best choice for the highest amount of charging power to fit the need for all EV users. The Wallbox chargers were both universal and 48A, with the ability to be networked to power-share with 25 units or less. The flat rate billing capability was an equally important feature in deciding to go with Wallbox.

"Wallbox could meet all the needs that this property was looking for: high charging capabilities, power sharing mode with bluetooth charging, a universal charger to work with all EV's, flat rate billing, and a sleek, small design."

- Suz Johnson, COIL Senior Account Executive

The Outcome

COIL installed and networked 16 Pulsar Plus chargers, providing a universal EV charger for every parking spot of the 3-level garage. The tenants are pleased to have a universal charging option readily available in their assigned parking spot, while the HOA is pleased to know the upgraded panels can handle the power usage without overloading.

Originally designed for single-family homes, the Pulsar Plus has proven to be as versatile as it is powerful. COIL looks forward to their continued partnership with Wallbox to design the best end-to-end, seamless EV charging solutions.

About COIL

COIL is the nationwide leader in turn-key EV Charging solutions. Driven to meet ambitious zero-emission goals, COIL’s innovation bridges the gap between customer service, installation and technology to enable widespread EV adoption. COIL believes that EV installation should be a simple, efficient and seamless customer experience.

Headquartered in San Francisco & Los Angeles, COIL offers residential, commercial, and enterprise solutions powered by COIL’s Unified Platform (COIL UP). We offer an array of services for manufacturers, installers, and renewable energy consumers that include Solution Design & Engineering, Program Management, EVSE Experts, Incentive Programs, and COIL iQ – the leading Renewable Services Software Platform.

Do you need COIL’s help creating an EV charging solution?

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