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  • Melinda Huot

COIL Launches Partnership with Wallbox



SAN FRANCISCO, CA. March 2021 -- COIL Inc., the Bay Area’s premier Electrical Service provider announces their partnership with Wallbox, the Barcelona, Spain-based manufacturer of smart electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. COIL is the first Bay Area partner to introduce the Wallbox Pulsar Plus as a premium EV charging solution for multi-unit buildings.

Recent studies show over 80% of Electric Vehicle owners charge at home, and they prefer having a dedicated Level 2 EV charging station. COIL and Wallbox address the multiple challenges that Multi-unit buildings face with upgrading their building’s infrastructure to support the demand for home EV charging. COIL’s standardized installation process and the Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger provides an innovative solution for HOA’s and property managers who want the convenience of fast home EV charging, power sharing management, and the opportunity to install future charging stations.

COIL and Wallbox recently installed and configured chargers for a 23 unit building in San Francisco, California.

“The HOA was looking for a charging solution that they didn’t have to manage, didn’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee to maintain, and which had the flexibility to grow in the future,” said Raymond Difley, President of 320 Alabama HOA. “On top of that, the HOA was concerned about the power demands of connecting multiple, independent chargers, so finding a solution that allowed chargers to work together was also an important selling point.”

COIL uses a straightforward and approved National Electric Code (NEC) installation method called a “meter tap”. The benefit of this process is that all electricity is billed directly to the unit, versus managing the house electricity, there are no monthly fees or payment plans, and no extra hardware or specialized equipment is needed to track the electrical usage.

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus charges up to 40amps (Level 2) and also has dynamic power-sharing functionality. Built-in load balancing allows owners the ability to charge multiple EVs at once by distributing power across connected chargers. Using the myWallbox app, owners can schedule and monitor charging remotely, as well as view usage statistics and estimated costs of charging, allowing customers greater autonomy over their electrical usage.

“While we originally targeted the Pulsar Plus for single-family residences, the technology inside the charger makes it ideal for multi-unit installations as well,” said Brett Graessle, head of sales and business development for Wallbox North America. “Together with Coil, we have quickly proven this concept with this initial installation in San Francisco, and we are excited to continue our partnership to bring our technology to more homes and communities across the region.”


COIL Inc. launched in 2019 to provide a premium digital experience for customers adopting new technologies such as EV chargers, home battery backup systems and electrically powered IOT devices. COIL believes that purchasing and installing these devices should be a simple, efficient and a seamless customer experience. COIL's vision is to revolutionize the electrical Industry through innovation enabling the future of renewable energy. Learn more at


Based in Barcelona, Spain, Wallbox designs, develops and manufactures intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids for both home and business use. Its customers include major automobile manufacturers and large electricity utilities. Research, technical development, product testing, and manufacturing are all carried out at the company’s Barcelona headquarters, where Wallbox has a large engineering team. Wallbox currently has subsidiaries in Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France, United States (Silicon Valley) and China (Wallbox FAWSN Charging Systems Co Ltd. JV). Learn more at

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