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  • Melinda Huot

COIL - The EV Charging Experts at Electrify Expo

Press Release

Irvine, CA - COIL, the premier Electrical Service provider, will be participating in Electrify Expo, the largest e-Mobility Festival in North America. The event launches in Southern California on September 18-19th. As the premier EV charging installer at the Expo, Coil will be presenting an interactive demo on Level 2 & 3 EV charging solutions for commercial, multi-unit, and residential dwellings.

Industry analysts project that Electric Vehicles will surpass Internal Combustion (ICE) vehicles in sales by 2040. In order to fulfill this vision, the current infrastructure needs to be drastically updated. EV installation is often overlooked as the last step, but in reality, installation is the most critical and challenging step for EV adoption. COIL willingly takes on this challenge, believing that installation infrastructure is key for EVs to become mainstream.

With COIL iQ, COIL's internal software and operational platform, along with partnering with industry leaders: Tesla, Wallbox, Xeal, and Enel X as a certified installer, COIL is fulfilling the promise of energy transformation. COIL has developed innovative solutions for multi-unit buildings and fleet deployments, cementing them as the experts in EV technologies. COIL is revolutionizing the Electrical Service experience, and empowering consumers to adopt EVs with ease and confidence.

"Experiencing e-mobility products in an environment like this is a game changer. Electrify Expo offers a tipping point moment for people curious about how these products perform. This is North America's largest demo-day for electric vehicles," said Electrify Expo founder, BJ Birtwell.

Electrify Expo’s immersive outdoor experience will bring together the world’s leading e-mobility brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Polestar, Bosch, Super 73, Onyx Motorbikes, Evolve Skateboards and many more. Attendees will get the opportunity to ask the experts at COIL what charging solutions are best suited for them currently or in the future. Irvine attendees will get the chance to enter and win a free EV charger installation!

Tickets are on sale now for $20 for Electrify Expo - Orange County, (September 18-19). Kids five and under are free.

About COIL, Inc.

COIL, Inc. is revolutionizing the electrical industry through innovation, enabling the future of renewable energy. We partner with OEMs, channel partners, and other service providers to identify, install, and provide the best electrical solutions. COIL, Inc. serves thousands of customers and businesses nationally through its two business units: COIL, a premier, full service electrical installer specializing in new energy installations, and COIL iQ, a software management tool for Electricians & the Renewables Industry.

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