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Quick Guide for New EV Owners

Congratulations on your new electric vehicle (EV)!

A man's hand is plugging a Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger into their electric vehicle

To help you get the most out of your new vehicle, here is a quick guide for new EV owners:

01 Familiarize yourself with your vehicle

Take the time to learn about your EV's features, controls, and charging system. Read the owner's manual, and familiarize yourself with the display screens and controls.

02 Plan your charging

Consider where you will charge your EV and when. You can charge your EV at home overnight, or you can use public charging stations while you're out and about. Make a plan for how you will keep your vehicle charged and how you will manage your charging needs while on long trips.

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03 Manage your charging costs

Understand how charging costs are calculated, and take steps to minimize your charging costs. For example, you can take advantage of off-peak electricity rates and take advantage of free or low-cost charging stations.

04 Learn about charging networks

Familiarize yourself with the different charging networks that are available, and sign up for accounts with the networks that you will be using the most. This will make it easier for you to locate and access charging stations while you're out and about.

05 Manage your energy usage

Monitor your energy usage, and take steps to optimize your charging strategy. For example, you can use the "time-of-use" setting to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, or you can use the "schedule charging" feature to schedule charging for when electricity rates are lowest.

06 Know your vehicle's range

Understand your vehicle's range and how it is affected by various factors, such as driving style, weather conditions, and vehicle use. Plan your trips accordingly, and be mindful of your vehicle's range and charging needs.

07 Take care of your battery

Regularly check the health of your vehicle's battery, and take steps to maintain its health and extend its life. This may include regular battery maintenance, avoiding extreme temperatures, and avoiding deep discharge cycles.

08 Use the right type of charger

Make sure that you have the right type of charger for your vehicle and your charging needs. For example, if you plan to charge at home, you may want to install a Level 2 charger that can provide faster charging speeds.

By following these tips, you can get the most out of your new EV, and enjoy a convenient, reliable, and cost-effective source of transportation.

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