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COVID 19 Configuration of Public / Commercial Spaces

Offices, Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Reconfigure for Social Distancing

The COVID 19 Pandemic has significantly affected how we interact with each other which will have long term implications on public and commercial space design. While many restrictions may be temporary (we hope) the long term effect of the pandemic will be a change in the design landscape of how we work and play. We at COIL have begun working with many of our partners to reconfigure and adapt to the safety requirements mandated by local authorities.

Protective desks courtesy of Poppin used with CDC recommended shields

Commercial / Offices

With the rise of the remote workforce, many designers have begun to plan for a hybrid model; part time in the office and part time remote. Reconfigured offices would have limited desks which have been appropriately spaced with the office layout focused on in person team meeting spaces. Many employees would transition to a work from home model with scheduled in person, in office meetings which have already been announced by major companies. The move to “team huddles” allows for greater flexibility of the office space, reduced footprint (cost) and reduced exposure.

The following are to be considered as this spaces are re-designed:

Data / Connectivity

With a shared / communal work space, reliance on wifi and mobile computing will dramatically increase as well as having sufficient lighting and outlets to power those devices as they are spread out over the office.

  • Wireless WIFI access points (WAP) - these would be increased to allow for coverage and increase bandwidth being used by video and increased wifi users

  • Lighting - with a shift to a more spread out office, sufficient lighting will need to be available for those areas

  • Outlets - ensure that outlets are easily accessible especially when tables and chairs are are placed apart from each other and away from walls or existing power rails


Hotel lobbies are being reconfigured to allow for a more flexible space. Individual pods and separated reception / concierge desks offer increased protection to meet social distancing requirements. The increased need for outlets and lighting in new areas is needed.

Please feel free to contact us to better understand how we can assist in reconfiguring your space to meet new COVID 19 and social distancing guidelines.


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