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Photo Guide for Multi-Unit Dwellings and Condos

Thank you for reaching out to COIL for your EV charger installation. In order to complete your estimate and solution design, we need certain photos.


Please use this guide to take the necessary images to upload into COIL iQ.

MUD In-Unit Panel 1 (Labels on Breakers).jpeg

1. In-Unit Electrical Panel (2 feet away)

Take a high-resolution photo of your in-unit electrical panel with the door open, clearly showing all the breakers inside the panel. 

The breakers and their labels must be clear and readable in order to accurately assess the panel for safety.

NOTE: Please do not send a photo of the ‘house’ panel inside your parking structure unless you know that your building has designated a separate panel for EV charger circuits. Most of the time, the power will be pulled directly from your unit, not the house panel. 

main shutoff example.png

2. Main Shutoff Switch (1 foot away)

In most buildings, you can locate your main shutoff switch next to your unit meter, underneath a black plastic cover. Please lift the cover and take a photo of the switch underneath, clearly showing the number written on the switch (as pictured above).

In some buildings, the main shut-offs will be located in a cluster above or below the meter column

NOTE: ‘Main Shutoff’ and ‘Service Disconnect’ are the same thing.

Meter Bay from 10-15_.jpeg

3. Electric Meter Bay (15 - 20 feet away)

Step back to take a high-resolution photo of your meter and its surroundings.


We will need to see the walls and ceilings of the electric room to determine where to place your EV sub-panel and electrical conduit.

Garage Shot Example.jpeg

4. Shared Garage - Parking Space
(15 - 20 feet away)

Take a high-resolution photo of your parking space so that the structure(s) in front or to either side are visible.


It’s preferable if you can capture the ceiling in the shot. 

NOTE: We typically recommend mounting the charger on the front wall of the parking space unless your deeded spot only has a wall on either side. If there are NO walls/pillars in your parking space, we can construct a ‘power pole’ to support the charger.

Example photo of Power Pole:

Garage Shot with Meters Visible .jpeg

5. Shared Garage - Parking Structure
(15 - 20 feet away)

Please take a few photos of the garage from your parking space to the meter area.


This allows us to visualize the conduit placement and distance, providing a more accurate initial quote. 

NOTE: If your conduit distance is less than 200 feet and/or the meters are on a different floor than your parking space, a virtual site walk is likely needed. Your sales representative will help you through this process.

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