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Residential Photo Guide

Thank you for choosing COIL for your EV Charger Installation!

In order to complete your estimate and solution design, we need certain photos.


Please use this guide to take the necessary images to upload into COIL iQ.

electrical panel close up.jpg
electrical panel main disconnect.png

The main disconnect must be visible and easily read. This is the most important detail and is required to complete load study.

electrical panel breakers.png

Photo of panel must be high res so that we can zoom in without losing detail.

1. Main Electrical Panel (2 feet away)

Take a high-resolution photo of the main electrical panel with the door open, clearly showing all the breakers inside the panel. 

The breakers and their labels must be clear and readable in order to accurately assess the panel for safety.

sub panel.jpg

2. Any Sub Panels (2 feet away)

Take a high resolution photo of any electrical sub panels with the door open, clearly showing all the breakers inside the panel.

This will help us determine alternative installation options, if necessary.

Note: You may not have any sub panels. One main electrical panel is common. 

IMG_3991 copy.jpg

Electrical Meter


X Gas Meter

3. Electrical Meter (15 - 20 feet away)

Step back to take a high-resolution photo of your electrical meter from roughly 15’ - 20’ away.

This photo will help us gauge where your meter is in relation to your future installation location. 


4. Location of Install (15 - 20 feet away)

Take a high-resolution photo of your preferred location for the installation.

This will allow our solution design team to determine the scope of the installation, as well as the best placement for your EV Charger.

Note: COIL's EVSE Experts will send back this photo with markups to confirm your desired location. This will finalize our solution design to expedite the process.

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