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COIL's ISN Certification: A Step Towards Safer and Reliable EV Charging Solutions

COIL, the nationwide leader in turnkey EV charging solutions, has an ISN certification, further solidifying its reputation as a trusted brand in the industry. In this blog post, we'll explore what an ISN certification is, why it's important for installers to have it, and why COIL's certification adds to its credibility in providing top-notch EV charging solutions.

What is an ISN certification?

ISN is a global resource that connects companies with qualified contractors and suppliers. They offer a range of services, including a comprehensive database of prequalified contractors and suppliers, and verification services to ensure that contractors and suppliers meet specific safety and compliance standards.

ISN certification involves an evaluation of a company's safety and compliance policies, procedures, and training programs. The evaluation assesses a company's ability to comply with regulatory requirements, maintain a safe work environment, and ensure the safety of its employees and clients. The certification process thoroughly reviews a company's safety record, training programs, insurance coverage, and other relevant factors.

Why is it important for installers to have an ISN certification?

In the EV charging industry, safety is of utmost importance. The installation of EV charging stations involves working with high-voltage electricity, and if not installed properly, it can pose a significant risk to installers, users, and property. Therefore, it's crucial for installers to have the necessary training, knowledge, and safety protocols in place to ensure safe and effective installation.

ISN certification provides assurance that installers have undergone rigorous evaluation and have met specific safety and compliance standards. It's a way to ensure that the installer has the knowledge and experience to perform the installation safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of accidents, injuries, and property damage.

Why COIL's ISN certification matters

COIL's ISN certification further adds to its reputation as a trusted and reliable provider of turnkey EV charging solutions. By undergoing the certification process, COIL has demonstrated its commitment to safety and compliance and its dedication to providing its clients with top-notch services.

COIL's certification also highlights its commitment to quality assurance, as they continue to invest in the training and development of its employees, ensuring that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide safe and effective installations.

ISN certification is a crucial factor in ensuring the safety and compliance of EV charging installations. COIL's recent certification adds to its credibility as a trusted and reliable provider of turnkey EV charging solutions. With its commitment to safety, compliance, and quality assurance, COIL is a top choice for businesses looking to install EV charging stations.

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At COIL, our commitment to safety, compliance, and quality assurance is at the forefront of everything we do. We believe that EV charging installations should be safe, efficient, and reliable, and our ISN certification is just one of the many ways we demonstrate this commitment to our clients.

By choosing COIL for your EV charging installation needs, you can trust that you're working with a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing top-notch services. We take pride in delivering turnkey solutions that meet our client's unique needs and exceed their expectations.

As our CEO, Bobby Penn, says, "At COIL, we believe that safety and compliance should never be compromised. That's why we've invested in our team's training and development and earned an ISN certification to provide our clients with peace of mind that their EV charging installation is in the hands of experts. Our commitment to safety and quality assurance is what sets us apart from the competition."

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