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COIL Expands Nationwide Services with Certified Install Partners Network

COIL, the leading provider of turn-key EV charging solutions, has a nationwide network of installers for all property types. From a single family home installing one level 2 charger to upgrading your commercial parking lots, COIL gets you charged.

COIL launched in 2019 to provide a premium digital experience for customers adapting new technologies such as EV chargers, home battery backup systems, and electrically-powered IoT (Internet of Things) devices. COIL believes that purchasing and installing these devices should be a simple, efficient, and seamless customer experience. As electric vehicle and electrically-powered technology adoption grows, so does the need for proper infrastructure to charge these devices.

COIL recognizes the demand currently outweighs the resources, and we're solving that problem through our nationwide network of COIL Certified Install Partners. COIL serves thousands of residents and businesses nationally through our full-service solutions. We're able to do so successfully by partnering with manufacturers, channel partners, and other service providers to identify, install, and provide the best end-to-end installation services.

COIL certified installer badge

Not every electrician is COIL certified. The COIL Certified Install Partner (CCIP) badge is an emblem of exclusivity that ensures the highest quality in the electrical industry. COIL partners with the top technicians who are specially trained in EV charging infrastructure and exemplify our high service standards.

Look for our CCIP badge! This coveted badge is only given to the contractor after being thoroughly screened so our customers can rest assured knowing the work will meet the highest quality for safety and service.

Hiring a COIL Certified Install Partner means you’re getting the best EV installer service in the new energy business. EV adoption isn’t slowing down and neither are we. Our services are nationwide to ensure EV charging infrastructure is done safely & with high quality. All COIL Certified Install Partners are licensed, bonded, insured, & carrying the proper worker’s compensation to each installation. COIL Certified Install Partners have been thoroughly screened for stellar customer service & the highest job quality.

Alongside COIL Certification, our installers are also certified for the top EV charging equipment manufacturers. Most of our COIL Certified Install Partners are EVITP trained to ensure EVSE equipment be properly installed to the highest standards to safety & quality.

Interested in becoming a COIL Certified Install Partner?

By becoming a COIL Certified Install Partner, you have access to residential & commercial EV charger installation jobs from our nationwide partnerships. You’ll also have access to the leading renewable services software platform, COIL iQ. (Learn more about our software here.)

Visit our Installer Network page to get in contact with our team and join today!


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